Development, bug fixes and support for GCC, Binutils and Glibc

KugelWorks provides development services, bug fixes, support and consulting for GCC, Binutils and Glibc — core development tools for Linux, BSD, GNU, and other operating systems. We are active participants in upstream development of GCC, Binutils and Glibc, and understand challenges that open-source projects present.

Open-source & licenses

KugelWorks takes open-source licenses and their effect on proprietary code very seriously. We audit sources and binaries that we provide to our clients and make sure that code under restrictive open-source licenses, such as GPL, does not leak into proprietary code.

From our Clients

Maxim and KugelWorks assisted Cavium in adding a new feature to GCC. They engaged with us on short notice and helped us in meeting our deadlines. I do hope to work with KugelWorks again when we need good toolchain expertise!
— Prasun Kapoor, Director of Software Engineering, Cavium Inc.